June 20, 2013
Weekly update: June 17-23

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So, many users have been asking us about our plans and some ETAs for many features we have in our roadmap. As all of you probably know, The Old Reader is something that we do in our spare time, and obviously the amount of work we can do is heavily influenced by our day jobs, personal life, and air dates of our favorite TV shows. So while we usually are quite open about our plans, we prefer not to promise any release dates.

However, today is different. One of the most voted feature requests in our roadmap (and an important pre-requisite for the most popular request) – API – is nearly ready. We finished what we believe is the first beta of the API, and we have started getting some preliminary feedback from a small group of early testers. Our plan is to get it deployed to production next week. If you are a mobile app developer, and you’d like to participate in the early testing – please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to give you access to our testing playground.

What’s next? Well, given that Google Reader will cease to exist in less than 2 weeks, we have been seeing quite a lot of new users recently, so we need to spend some time on refactoring our data storage systems to be able to serve this increasing number of users with the limited resources we have. Why not just buy more servers, you’ll ask? Well, we’d love to, but the amount of donations we receive right now covers about half of our hosting cost, so we have to pay several hundreds of Euro every month to run the site. We almost finished all the legal formalities, so we hope to be able to get the Paypal donations button back pretty soon. It feels like making The Old Reader was easier than registering a company to accept payments to run it. This is ridiculous.

Yeah, and since we mentioned Google Reader, lots of new users is not the only indicator of day X getting closer and closer. It looks like during the past few weeks every other person with coding skills decided to make their own RSS reader. We love that — the more the merrier. But we are not amused with the some marketing techniques used. We have been getting reports that users who read our updates in twitter are getting mass followed by some of the new kids on the block. We’d like to apologize to all our users who became a victim of this spam. Sorry, guys, gals and cats, we don’t like it as much as you do.

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