June 14, 2012

(artwork by dimic77)

Even before going beta, we had already been working on improvements and enhancements for the future. We read and considered every bit of your feedback, so here are some major things our small team is now working on:

  • Folder view (clicking on a folder shows posts from all feeds that folder contains) — done!; 
  • List view for RSS feeds;
  • Bookmarklet to share almost everything;
  • More keyboard shortcuts.

We understand that these things are important part of The Old Reader’s experience, so we are keen to deliver them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your feedback and patience. We appreciate you keeping in mind that we are a small group of friends teamed up on this project, not a Google department (though we sometimes wish we were).

P.S. We are happy to announce that fourth person has joined us in this development adventure: meet an old friend, Mykola Bugaiov, 24, RoR Developer currently living in Germany. 

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