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If you found a bug or need assistance with The Old Reader, please pay attention to our knowledge base and check out the HowTo page, most probably your answer is already there. If it is not, please ask for assistance at our community forums. If nothing helps, email us at support@theoldreader.com, but please do not expect an answer if your question is covered by any of the above.

You can vote for feature requests and suggest new features at our feedback page. Please search for existing requests before creating a new one, most probably somebody suggested your idea before. We do not moderate the uservoice page, so when you create a duplicate you actually decrease the chances of it getting to the top, because two requests will compete with each other for user votes.

If you have a story to tell, email us at hello@theoldreader.com. We love feedback, but please do not use email for feature requests and bug reports, it’s very difficult to track them in email.